About Milk

Milk, as most know it, helps build strong bones. From a young age, we are taught that drinking milk helps set a strong and reliable foundation. Milk Events is exactly that. Successful events start with the foundation, one of impeccable planning, detailed organization, and effective communication. Milk encompasses everything that is pure and honest, which is exactly how we work and thrive. Our top priority is ensuring that each and every client gets everything they want in their event.

About Candice

Hi, I’m Candice, owner & principal coordinator at Milk Events. My love for events stems from an obsession with high-volume environments. I love being around people and thrive under demanding and stress-filled situations. Growing up, I played competitive basketball, exposing me early on to fast-paced surroundings. Being the giant that I am (5’9” thanks to all that milk...☺), I naturally assumed leadership roles which have proven beneficial as I’m managing multiple venues, vendors, and employees on a daily basis. In high school, I took a job as an assistant wedding coordinator and in 2015 I founded Milk Events. 


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